Yes, I can be bought! The following musical services are available to you:

As your session vocalist, I can

  • write vocal lines that bring out the potential of your track,
  • offer my distinctive voice best suited for emotional music,
  • rap,

and will gladly write my own lyrics for all of the above, if needed.

As your (co-)songwriter, composer or arrangement consultant, I can

  • write, proofread or translate lyrics in English, German and Norwegian (Bokmål),
  • help you with questions of song structure, choice of instruments etc.,
  • compose minimalist piano music for films, television or games,

and more.

As your session musician, I’ll gladly write and record piano parts (with my high-quality digital piano), guitar/e-bow or melodica. Other instruments such as drums may be possible, depending on what you have in mind.

In offering these services, my goal is to help bring your artistic vision to fruition and add a personal touch to your project. Owing to my penchant for minimalism and melancholy, I excel in music that focuses on emotion and atmosphere, but am open to a variety of different approaches as well.

Authenticity and unwavering dedication are the cornerstones of my work. I can draw on 20+ years of experience in composing and arranging music, writing lyrics, and honing my skills as a vocalist and musician. I’ve been involved in genres as diverse as Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Doom Metal, Trance and Rap.

Prices will be calculated individually, depending on the type and complexity of services. Let’s talk about it! Head for the contact form and tell me about your project.