Between 2014 and 2017, I was a musician, singer and co-songwriter for Memoirs (Atmospheric Chamber Pop). The Band has since gone into an indefinite hiatus. Alongside a number of new tracks, the material of our demo Unwritten Chapter will be re-mixed and released as a proper album at some point.

Vita Dolorosa

For Vita Dolorosa, a new Extreme Doom outlet, I am currently preparing a first full-length. This project debuted with a contribution to the 2 CD My Dying Bride tribute album A Lake Of Ghosts: The Long Shadow Of My Dying Bride (2017), which also features a track performed by Memoirs.

The Real Redeemer

As The Real Redeemer, a project still in an embryonic state, I am planning to dive deeper into electronic music in due course. To this end, I would like to collaborate with creative, like-minded people who should ideally have some more experience with electronic music than myself. If you’re interested, please get in touch via the contact form!


Finally, in late 2014, I assumed the alias MC D. for my first and, as of now, only performance as a rapper. Albeit more of an ironic side project, this is something I would like to pick up again at some point.